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Film and Plasma Characteristics in the Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition Publication Database

A wide variety of films have been deposited using plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition. Film analysis is required to quantify the quality of a deposition process. Most films are characterized for thickness to determine growth per cycle. Film composition measurements including impurity concentration and stoichiometry are also common for all classes of films. Dielectric materials are often analylzed for permittivity, leakage current, and breakdown voltage. Conductive materials are often characterized by their resistivity/sheet resistance. Other properties may be characterized depending on whether the film will be utilized for other characteristics such as optical, electrical, mechanical, or diffusion barrier. The extensive list of film characteristics discussed in the literature reveals the broad range of applications researchers have sought for plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition films.

Below is a table which lists all the film characteristics which have been discussed in the publications included in the database. Click on the film characteristic to get a list of relevant publications.


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