Titanium Tetrachloride, TiCl4, CAS# 7550-45-0

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1Strem Chemicals, Inc.Titanium(IV) chloride, 99%
2Strem Chemicals, Inc.Titanium(IV) chloride, 99%, contained in 50 ml cylinder for CVD/ALD
3EpiValenceTitanium chloride
4Sigma-Aldrich, Co. LLCTitanium(IV) chloride
5Alfa AesarTitanium(IV) chloride, 99.99% (metals basis)

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Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition Film Publications

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1TiGrowth kinetics and initial stage growth during plasma-enhanced Ti atomic layer deposition
2TiPlasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of Ta and Ti for interconnect diffusion barriers
3TiAlNControlling the composition of Ti1-xAlxN thin films by modifying the number of TiN and AlN subcycles in atomic layer deposition
4TiCTemperature control for the gate workfunction engineering of TiC film by atomic layer deposition
5TiNAtomic Layer Deposition (ALD) grown thin films for ultra-fine pitch pixel detectors
6TiNAtomic layer deposition of Ru from CpRu(CO)2Et using O2 gas and O2 plasma
7TiNAtomic layer deposition of TiN for the fabrication of nanomechanical resonators
8TiNConformal Formation of (GeTe2)(1-x)(Sb2Te3)x Layers by Atomic Layer Deposition for Nanoscale Phase Change Memories
9TiNControlling the composition of Ti1-xAlxN thin films by modifying the number of TiN and AlN subcycles in atomic layer deposition
10TiNDeposition of TiN and HfO2 in a commercial 200 mm remote plasma atomic layer deposition reactor
11TiNElectrodynamic response and local tunneling spectroscopy of strongly disordered superconducting TiN films
12TiNExcellent resistive switching properties of atomic layer-deposited Al2O3/HfO2/Al2O3 trilayer structures for non-volatile memory applications
13TiNFabrication and deformation of three-dimensional hollow ceramic nanostructures
14TiNFerroelectric properties of full plasma-enhanced ALD TiN/La:HfO2/TiN stacks
15TiNHot-Wire Generated Atomic Hydrogen and its Impact on Thermal ALD in TiCl4/NH3 System
16TiNInvestigating the TiN film quality and growth behavior for plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition using TiCl4 and N2/H2/Ar radicals
17TiNMicrowave properties of superconducting atomic-layer deposited TiN films
18TiNNew materials for memristive switching
19TiNNiCO2O4@TiN Core-shell Electrodes through Conformal Atomic Layer Deposition for All-solid-state Supercapacitors
20TiNNitride memristors
21TiNOptical emission spectroscopy as a tool for studying, optimizing, and monitoring plasma-assisted atomic layer deposition processes
22TiNPlasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition of Al2O3 and TiN
23TiNPlasma-assisted atomic layer deposition of TiN/Al2O3 stacks for metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitor applications
24TiNPlasma-Enhanced ALD of Titanium-Silicon-Nitride Using TiCl4 , SiH4, and N2/H2/Ar Plasma
25TiNPreparation of Lithium Containing Oxides by the Solid State Reaction of Atomic Layer Deposited Thin Films
26TiNRadical Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition of Metals and Oxides
27TiNReliability testing of high aspect ratio through silicon vias fabricated with atomic layer deposition barrier, seed layer and direct plating and material properties characterization of electrografted insulator, barrier and seed layer for 3-D integration
28TiNSilicon nanowire lithium-ion battery anodes with ALD deposited TiN coatings demonstrate a major improvement in cycling performance
29TiNSilicon nanowire networks for multi-stage thermoelectric modules
30TiNStrongly Disordered TiN and NbTiN s-Wave Superconductors Probed by Microwave Electrodynamics
31TiNTiCl4 as a Precursor in the TiN Deposition by ALD and PEALD
32TiNTiN/AlN Nano Multilayers Film Fabricated by Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition
33TiO2Atomic layer deposition of epitaxial layers of anatase on strontium titanate single crystals: Morphological and photoelectrochemical characterization
34TiO2Band alignment of atomic layer deposited TiO2/multilayer MoS2 interface determined by x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
35TiO2Breakdown and Protection of ALD Moisture Barrier Thin Films
36TiO2Evaluation of Vapor Deposition Techniques for Membrane Pore Size Modification
37TiO2High rate roll to roll atomic layer deposition, and its application to moisture barriers on polymer films
38TiO2Investigation of residual chlorine in TiO2 films grown by Atomic Layer Deposition
39TiO2Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition of Anatase TiO2 Using TiCl4
40TiO2Relationships among growth mechanism, structure and morphology of PEALD TiO2 films: the influence of O2 plasma power, precursor chemistry and plasma exposure mode
41TiO2Room temperature plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition for TiO2 and WO3 films
42TiONTitanium Oxynitride Interlayer to Influence Oxygen Reduction Reaction Activity and Corrosion Stability of Pt and Pt-Ni Alloy
43TiSiNPlasma-Enhanced ALD of Titanium-Silicon-Nitride Using TiCl4 , SiH4, and N2/H2/Ar Plasma


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